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Our Story

Morandi Lifestyle

Hello, friends! Welcome to a whole new Italian-inspired lifestyle - The Morandi Lifestyle. We believe that life happens when you embrace the philosophy of ‘doing less, living more’.

Take your sweet time to choose your favourite decorations, brew that morning coffee, dive deep into a good book, or celebrate little moments with your close ones. Don’t rush, embrace each moment and find beauty in the simplicity and the ordinary.

Our Vision

At Morandi Home, our vision is to create a home environment that reflects simple bliss and tranquility. A space that’s comforting, liberating and full of character.

You will find our offerings quite unique, artistic and often in organic shapes. This is to mimic the aesthetics of nature. You will also find pieces that are a little bit unconventional. They are here to celebrate individuality and to bring character to your home!

Meet The Founders

This is us, Claire & T, a couple who lives and breathes home renovation & styling! Let’s get to know each other.

The Creative Engine

Claire Sun

I’m Claire. I’m THAT girl who always seems to be onto something creative.

One day I could be doing photo shoots, the next I’d be designing a poster, picking up a paintbrush, or buying decorations for our home. I guess, a creative outlet is what I’ve always been seeking, combined with my passion for home styling, Morandi Home was born!

Each item is either designed & hand-made by me at our house, or carefully-selected by me from trusted suppliers. I hope through my creativity, Morandi Home is a store full of unique products that will bring harmony to your home.

Let’s connect! Instagram: @morandi.home.


The Practical Machine

T Dizzle

Like two sides of the coin, I’m the complete opposite of Claire. Being the Engineer as I am, I excel at turning ideas into reality.

At Morandi, I’m wearing different hats as the glorified labourer and maintenance guy AKA the warehouse and operations manager. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the hands-on work, and nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing our visions come to life.

Let’s connect! Instagram: @morandi.home.


Our Store

We specialise in ceramic vases, artisan candles and unconventional decor. Future collections are launched regularly, so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated. As we evolve, more categories and items will be released.


We ensure that our products and raw materials are obtained through responsible and sustainable sources. They are either ethically-sourced (made by professional craftsmen) or designed & handmade by Claire & T.

We use suppliers that have been operating for decades and are well-respected in their industry.

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Due to the delicate nature of our products, each item is carefully packed with styrofoam, expanded polyethylene (EPE) or bubble wrap.

We do our best to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition. If there's any damage, review our Return Policy.

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Our Unique Style

The Morandi Style