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Morandi Style

Inspired by Italian Artist Giorgio Morandi

Italian Inspired

Where did we get our inspiration from? It all started when Claire fell in love with the still life painting by famous Italian Artist Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964). In his paintings, the subjects are simple objects that could be easily seen in our kitchen, such as cups, plates and bottles. He doesn’t hide the brush strokes, on the contrary, he enhances them, giving the paintings natural textures. Morandi’s work showed the world that art doesn’t have to be loud. There is art in the ordinary, in our everyday life.

Oil Painting, Still Life, 1955

Oil Painting, Natura Morta, 1939

Morandi Colours

Morandi colours (originated from Giorgio Morandi’s paintings) refer to colours that are infiltrated with gray & white tones, making them muted, soothing and elegant. In this palette hue, everything quietly shimmers, its simple charm brings out inner happiness and tranquility.

You will find that over 90% of the products found at Morandi Homeware are in Morandi colours, as this is exactly what we wish to achieve - inner happiness and tranquility.

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